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Real estate

India's Real Estate Boom: Unstoppable Growth

Historically, whenever a country has started climbing the global economic ladder its real estate market has also shown simultaneous growth. 

India is now going through that growth phase and with a population of nearly 1.4 billion people, the real estate industry of India has a very bright future. According to a report, the market is valued at 0.33 trillion US dollars in 2024 and is expected to reach 1.04 trillion US dollars by 2029 with a CAGR of 25.60%. 

The market is expected to grow at a very high rate till 2047. The market slowed down for a short period due to COVID-19 but finally, the market is moving upwards and now the growth is going to be unstoppable.

If you’re someone trying to get a share of this sweet pie, then Goaccelerix is always there to help you with our growth and Tele-calling services. 

What We offer

Growth Services

Social Media Marketing

The best way to reach the maximum number of people that too without any large investment is surely social media marketing. Our team at Goaccelerix can help you find your clients with the help of a great social media marketing campaign.

You need a proper strategy for every business including real estate. You need to have the right roadmap about what amenities to give, how to market and how to sell, our team at Goaccelerix can do it all for you.

You don't need to put up big banners to sell real estate properties on today's date, it can be done with small ads on different digital platforms. We at Goaccelerix provide 360° digital marketing services that will help you reach out to your digital prospects.

Paid Marketing & Media Buying
Branding solutions

Real estate is a low trust business and you need to brand your company in such a way that it will help you to win the trust of the general public. Our team at Goaccelerix can surely help you out with this.

Using your revenue in the correct way is very important for the growth of business especially in a market like real estate which needs heavy investment for a project.

Let's get your marketing automated with the help of our team so that you don't need to do the repetitive tasks by yourself.

Why should you choose us for growth services?

Our Growth Services
What We offer

Telecalling Services

In real estate customer service is very important, as people are going to have different questions and problems around buildings and legalities. Our Tele-calling team will take care of that, making sure all of your potential customers are given the right attention, service and explanation.

Our Tele-calling team will handle selling your real estate properties and getting the best results for you without using any unethical methods as soon as you get in touch with them.

Inbound and outbound calls

You need to rightly use your revenue to take your business to new heights. Our team at Goaccelerix can help you to optimize your revenue in the right way so you can continue growth with positive cash flow at the same time.

Once a client agrees to buy a property from your company, our team will take the responsibility of ending the deal in a smoother way.

Why should you choose us for telecalling services?

Our Telecalling Services
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